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…alcoholic drink that is.

Think about it, you purchased your movie tickets to see the hottest flick of the year, meticulously selected the perfect seat (with the best view of the screen and isn’t too far from the aisle for trips to the concessions and bathrooms but not too close to the aisle so that you aren’t constantly being walked in front of) and now you can sip on a beer or wine while you enjoy the film.

Seems like an amazing idea, right? Well it’s one step closer to becoming a reality.

Earlier in January New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo proposed for the second time “a change to the state’s alcoholic beverage control law that would expand the sale of alcohol in movie theaters” (Source:–cuomo-propose-changes-to-allow-alcohol-in-movie-theaters-).

This is pretty exciting news as New York State is home to over 450 craft breweries, 420 plus wineries and over 100 cider and spirits producers which means a new platform for this industry to get their products in front of more people…I’ll cheers to that.


Check out this full article titled “Rochester Area Breweries Excited About Proposal To Allow Alcohol in Movie Theaters” written by Lowell Rose for Spectrum News here ->–cuomo-propose-changes-to-allow-alcohol-in-movie-theaters-

Written By: Mandy Hagadorn, Director of Fun (2/3/2020)

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