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Peacemaker Brewing Company

Owner/Brewer – Todd Reardon

Tell me more about the name Peacemaker Brewing Company:
Inspired by the music of my Todd’s favorite band, Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers (originally called The Refreshments,) Todd knew one day that if he was to ever have a brewery it would be called Peacemaker Brewing Company.  Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers had radio play in the late 90’s and also wrote the theme song to the popular cartoon, King of the Hill.  Todd reached out to the band and asked for permission to use their name and logo and after getting their okay was able to move forward with his promise to open the brewery.

Todd used to follow the band during their East Coast shows and he even had them play in his backyard in 2014.  Since then, the band played in Canandaigua during the Summer of 2017 and Todd has arranged for them to come back for another concert in July 2018 at Rio Tomatlan…so why Rio Tomatlan? Besides boasting some of the best Mexican fare and tequila in the area, while Todd and friends were enjoying dinner one evening he learned that Rio carry’s Roger Clyne’s Mexican Moonshine Tequila…pretty perfect, right?!

When did you open?
Peacemaker Brewing Company officially opened on November 11th, 2016 (Veteran’s Day).  This date is fitting as Todd is a Veteran (thank you for your service!) and this is also the date that The Canandaigua Treaty was signed which established peace and friendship between the United States and the Six Nations…the treaty is also called The Peace Treaty!

How much beer do you produce annually?
Less than 500 barrels

Talk to me more about what it takes to be a farm brewery:
Currently as a farm brewery at least 20% of the hops and 20% of other ingredients must be grown in NYS (January 2019 it jumps to 60% and in 2024 it jumps to 90%).  There are enough vendors and product in NYS to do this however it is expensive…out of state ingredients are cheaper but it is a great way to support our NYS partners!  Some of the vendors Todd buys from include 1886 Malt House (Fulton, NY),  Pedersen Farms Hops (Seneca Castle, NY) and Bluebell Hopyard (Farmington, NY).

What is the most unique/oddly flavored beer you’ve created?
Tart Pumpkin – it was made with real pumpkin through open fermentation which allows for wild yeast and created a tart/sour flavor…Todd didn’t like it but fans claim that if you like pumpkin beers and sour beers you’d like this one!

What’s your favorite beer you’ve ever made?
Moon Perfume IPA – Todd doesn’t care for bitter IPA’s and this one only has a hint.  It’s an easy drinking IPA with lot of aromas from the cascade, mosaic and zythos hops with a refreshing finish.

What makes your brewery unique compared to others in the area?
Whenever you come in you are greeted by a brewer or owner.  Todd, Scott or Ryan are always behind the bar!

If you aren’t drinking Peacemaker beers, what’s your brew of choice?
Todd is currently digging the Ruby Red Kolsch by Genesee!

Any exciting news coming soon from Peacemaker?
On July 28th Peacemaker Brewing Company is hosting Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers at Rio Tomatlan, click HERE  for tickets.  Peacemaker Brewing Company is also looking to expand, they have less than a year in their lease at 20 Pleasant Street…more to come on this.

INTERVIEW BREW: “I Can Drink the Water-melon” – Pale Wheat Ale, American – 5/4% ABV -> tastes like a watermelon jolly rancher and is made with 20 real watermelons!

Fun Facts about Peacemaker Brewing Company:

  • All beer names are a spin on Roger Clyne and the Peacemaker’s song names (the beer list is also called “The Set List”)
  • Todd has a puppy named Porter

Hours of Operation:
Mondays – 5-9pm
Tuesdays – Closed for Brewing
Wednesdays & Thursdays – 5-9pm
Fridays – 3-10pm
Saturdays – Noon-10pm
Sundays – Noon-6pm

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